On June 24-27, 2020, His Grace Bishop Abgar Hovakimyan, Primate, accompanied by Levon Isakhanyan, on invitation of Chief Reinhart Roan, paid a visit to the Mountain Cree-Smallboy Camp in Alberta, to acknowledge the traditional territory of the First Nations for whom Canada has been the home before the arrival of Armenians, to express gratitude for the opportunity given to the Canadian Armenians to live in Canada, and to attend the traditional Sun Dance Ceremony. The visit was facilitated by the Zorthian family.

A century ago, the only survivor of the Armenian Genocide from the Zorthian family arrived to North America and the Zorthian blood line was eventually integrated into the Mountain Cree.

The Zorthian family, some that are living in California and some that are now Cree, a tribe of original peoples living in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, treasure their heritage and celebrate the survival and culture of these peoples.