Following Holy Divine Liturgy, Bishop Bagrat Galstanian awarded the highest insignia of the Armenian Church of Canada, the Holy Cross Medal, to former federal Member of Parliament, Mme Nicole Roy-Arcelin, and the city of Montreal’s executive for Cultural Communities and Youth, Ms. Mary Tchavoushian-Deros, for their service to the Armenian Community of Canada.

Both politicians were presented to the crowd by Alexandre Meterissian. He emphasized Mme Roy-Arcelin’s amendment in 1991, which made Canada recognize the newly formed Republic of Armenia. He also highlighted the prolific career of Ms Deros in municipal politics.

Following the presentations, Mme Roy-Arcelin stated that she was touched and honored by this recognition by the Armenian Community: “Je me sens particulièrement émus d’être avec vous aujourd’hui et je vous remercie de plus profond de mon coeur de ce grand honneur que vous me faites.”

Ms. Deros shared the same feelings of honor at receiving this award. “Je suis très honoré de recevoir cette prestigious reconnaissance […] My parents brought me up with family values and strong faith in our religion […] I thank God every day for the opportunity of entering municipal politics in 1998.”

Bishop Bagrat Galstanian thanked the politicians for their service and blessed them; wishing them good fortune in their future endeavors.